Places To Visit


Thailand’s capital is a fast-paced, bustling metropolis with a population of over eight million people. Bangkok is a fantastic entrance to the country’s greatest temples and palaces, and is recognised for its cosmopolitan flair and bustling street life. While it’s easy to forget while wandering through Bangkok’s skyscrapers that the city’s heart lies on the sea,

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, encircled by misty jungle mountains, is one of Thailand’s best destinations for travellers looking to see ancient buildings, thick tropical rainforests, and hill trekking on the country’s other side. Doi Inthanon National Park, part of the Himalayan mountain range and home to remote villages, is a great way to see Chiang Mai from a different perspective.

Hua Hin

The celestial realm is a close confidante in this Buddhist country, and religious devotion is vibrant and widespread. Glistening temples and gilded Buddhas frame the rural and urban landscapes alike. Ancient banyan trees are ceremoniously wrapped in holy fabric to respect the spirits that live there, and fortune-bringing shrines may be seen in both poor houses and grand shopping centres.


Back in the 14th century, when Siam’s empire was at its peak, the historic city of Ayutthaya, located approximately 80 kilometres north of Bangkok, was Thailand’s capital.

Today, you may wander around the Ayutthaya Historical Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and see the remains of the kingdom. The park is 289 hectares in size and is bordered by three rivers and thick moats.