Places To Visit


The capital of Thailand is a fast, buzzing city of more than eight million people. Bangkok, known for its cosmopolitan feel and vibrant street life, is also a great gateway to the best temples and palaces in the country. And while walking among the skyscrapers of Bangkok is easy to forget, the city’s heart is on the water, the many canals that network throughout the neighborhoods and the vibrant Chao Phraya River,

Chiang Mai

Shrouded in misty, jungle mountains, Chiang Mai is one of Thailand’s best destinations for travelers seeking to see a city of ancient buildings, thick tropical rainforests, and hill trekking on a different side of the country. Doi Inthanon National Park, which is part of the Himalayan mountain range and home to remote villages, is a good way to see the wild side of Chiang Mai.

Hua Hin

In this Buddhist nation, the celestial world is a close confidant, and religious devotion is colourful and ubiquitous. Both the rural and the urban landscape are framed by glowing temples and golden Buddhas. To honor the resident spirits, ancient banyan trees are ceremoniously wrapped in sacred cloth, fortune-bringing shrines decorate humble homes as well as monumental malls,


The ancient city of Ayutthaya was once Thailand’s capital, located about 80 kilometers north of Bangkok, back in the 14th century, when Siam’s kingdom was at its strongest.

Today, you can tour the ruins of the kingdom while walking through the Ayutthaya Historical Park, a UNESCO site. The park is surrounded by three rivers and deep moats and covers an area of 289 hectares, home to several prang (reliquary towers), wat, and stucco statues.